Roadmaster® RM332 WB™

  • Mixed Services
  • All Position

The RM332 WB™ is a heavy-duty, wide-base tire for steer axles in mixed service applications.

Tire Features

Deep Tread Depth

The 23/32' tread depth helps provide extended tread wear in high-scrub applications.

Rib-Type Tread Design

The tread pattern helps promote tread life and even wear in mixed service applications.

Cut And Chip Tread Compound

The tread compound helps resist cuts and chips in mixed service applications.

Four Heavy-Duty, Full-Width Steel Belt Construction

Four heavy-duty, full-width steel belts help promote durability in heavy-haul while also preserving the casing for retread.

Stone Protector Ledges

The stone protector ledges in all four circumferential grooves help resist stone penetration and retention.

Warranties & Guarantees

2023 Commercial Replacement Tire Guide, Limited Warranty & Registration Booklet For Cooper® & Roadmaster® Tires


Tire Specifications
Tire Specifications

Full Specs

Load Range
Tire Size
  • Tire Size 385/65R22.5
  • Static Loaded Radius 0 in/ 0 mm
  • Load Range L
  • Tread Depth 23 / 18 mm
  • Revs 489 mile/ 304 km
  • Max Speed 68 mph/ 42 kmh
  • Tire Weight 176.9 lbs/ 80.2 kgs
  • Approved Rim Width 11.75-12.25 in
  • Single Max Load 9920 lbs/ 4499.6 kgs
  • Overall Diameter 0 in/ 0 mm
  • Single Inflation Pressure 130 psi/ 896 kpa
  • Overall Width 15.2 in/ 386 mm
  • Dual Max Load 0 lbs/ 0 kgs
  • Overall Width Loaded 15.2 in/ 386 mm
  • Dual Inflation Pressure 0 psi/ 0 kpa